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Discover the 48 rpm vinyl record as an original decoration for small spaces. The last one in the « La Vinylerie» product range preserves the ultra realistic appearance of a vinyl record with it’s microgroove. It is a fabulous object of interior design and customizable gift .

The concept is the same as for the 95 and 66 rpm vinyl records : you may customize your record with the design you want.

Fixed on a wall or just placed on an item of furniture, this object will allow you to admire your favorite photo or pay tribute to your favorite artists. It is the perfect gift or simply to please yourself.

Handcrafted in France.
Each disc is unique.

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Disque vinyle de 48 tours, le cadet de la famille La Vinylerie


Vinyl 48 tours de décoration intérieure

Material: Shiny Black Vinyl

Taille: 48cm

Visuel au centre: 18 cm

Poids: 1,2kg

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Delivery times may vary according to destination of the shipment


how to customize your vinyl record

Contact us & upload your visual.* We accept jpeg, png and pdf files of good quality (with a minimum 300 dpi resolution, size 32 cm x 32 cm)

Our designers will adapt your visuals for the label and you’ll receive a proposition with the final rendering of the record within 48 hours.

You’ll receive your vinyl record by mail. (Delivery times may vary according to destination of the shipment.)

*If you master design tools such as Photoshop, you can download the .psd template for the 95 rpm record here. 

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